Tue, Jan 23, 2018

Keynote Speeches

Having a good keynote speaker and address is critical to the success of events such as conference, launches, award ceremonies, conventions and symposiums. There are two important things that can and should be achieved.

Element #1 – Setting the Right Atmosphere

Every event has specific desired outcomes. These usually require active participations from the audience. A good speaker is often able to raise the energy level and responses from the people. The setting of a right tone facilitates the event objectives which could be raising funds, buying products, signing up for programmes and other forms of commitments. A skillful speaker is able to combine his charisma and influence to achieve these aims.

Element #2 – Adding Value

In developed countries, many of the participants in events are discerning listeners. With almost every and any information available in the internet, people expect to hear new and fresh stuff. Having speakers who simply pull quotes and videos from Youtube is a sure way to bore the audience. Apart from being able to share new insights, a good speaker is also skilled in synthesising various information into easy to understand and interesting messages.

Get your right Keynote Speaker. Get your event right. Reserve your slot early.


Keynote Speeches Info

Speaking fee: $1,200 - $8,000 (up to 45 min)

Factors considered by Luminaries Lab before accepting Keynote Address requests include:

  • Profile of organiser
  • Objectives of the event
  • Profile and size of audience
  • Profile of other speakers (if any)