Tue, Jan 23, 2018

Be that Great Leader by Being a Human Expert

Managing relationships based on your own personality is one fastest way to fail!

Personality clash is probably the cause of most interpersonal conflicts at the workplace. It does not matter if the people shared the same mission or core values, they will still end up in bad terms when they are not mindful of the differences in personalities and their impact. Many end up creating a culture where sabotaging are frequently and secretly taking place. The result is often detrimental as such conflicts affect the overall performance.

Fortunately, such conflicts are highly preventable.

Psychologist William Moulton Marston’s study of human behaviour led to the popularised DISC personality profiling which has made huge positive transformations to relationships across cultures and generations

Learning this interesting human behaviour science has helped many people realise that one of the key reasons why they like certain people and dislike others is simply a matter of personality. Upon understanding this diversity and the strength of it, strong teams are built and relationships are restored or strengthened.

This is the reason why some organisations have every staff trained in personality profiles.

The eventual aim of being aware of people’s dominant personalities is to help us be more adaptable in the way we communicate and relate to them. It also helps in choosing the most effective method to motivate them as well as understand their work and time management styles. Great leaders manage relationships based on others’ personalities, not theirs.

You can become a human expert in the workplace. Are you DISC trained yet?

Contributed by David Lee

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