Tue, Jan 23, 2018

Productivity is Determined by Brain Stimulation

Most people are grossly under-utilising their brain!

For some, this is sad news. For others, opportunity awaits. Be the latter. Tony Buzan believes that the brain is capable of having more ideas than the sum of all atoms added in the universe! Research shows that our brain continues to produce new neurons throughout the lifetime. This process is sped up when the brain is stimulated.

The reverse is true.

High performing employees and students are those who keep stimulating their brain by getting actively involved in projects, programmes and missions. They are also the ones who are usually happier and find greater fulfilment in life.

If you are in the position to lead others, do engage them holistically so as to bring out the best in them. A good place to start is to understand Paul MacLean's truine brain. From there, you can understand the three type of staff in your company who operate on different mode.

Survival Mode Staff
People who by default always do the minimum required of them. Sometimes less. "Going the extra mile" is not a phrase they welcome. These employees are the first to go when the knockoff time arrives.

Passionate Mode Staff
You like their energy and enthusiasm. They even disclose their love for their work and perhaps their admiration for you too. But when things go wrong, their polarised emotions shoot the other direction. Their love becomes resentment. Their positive talks become criticisms.

Contribution Mode Staff
These people use both their left and right brains well. They are proactive and creative. They are solution seekers. They get fulfillment by being able to contribute value to their organisation.

By understanding what motivates people and communicating with them skillfully, you can help the people you lead to move from Survival mode to Passionate mode and finally to Contribution mode.

Contributed by David Lee

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