Tue, Jan 23, 2018

Want to be a Professional Trainer?

Why do you want to be a Professional Trainer? Some like the glamour, some like the money, some just like to talk. Does it matter what the reason is? Yes. In fact, it will determine if you will ever be successful as a Professional Trainer.

Once I gave evaluation to a rather dynamic platform speaker. He knew his session wasn’t good but couldn’t put a finger to where the gap was. So I asked him this question “Do you think the audience is better off after your speaking session than when they first came in?”. He instantly got the point – though he spoke a lot, he has made little, if not no, difference in their lives.

As a trainer, your listeners should be better off after your training. Be it a new skill, a renewed conviction or a revived spirit, they should be in a better shape because of you. This tangible benefit is an evidence of your success as a trainer. After all, who are the ones who get invited back and referred time and again? Aren’t they those who have impacted the participants positively?

Aim to make a positive difference in people’s life through all your training. You can do that by beginning with the end in mind. Define the desired outcome. Then educate their minds, touch their hearts and finally engage their will. When you have trained yourself to do all these competently, you will discover immense joy in training. By then, secondary things such as glamour, money and the like will follow after you.

Contributed by David Lee

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