Tue, Jan 23, 2018

Staying at the Top in Training

The word “Training” seems to be in an unprecedented limelight since the last recession. While many industries are suffering due to the downturn, training and education are thriving. When the upturn comes, training activities will only increase. How then should trainers catch this wave for a long ride? Here are two good old foundations to be re-enforced.

Substance is King
First, be really good at your subject matter. Conduct a personal audit. Is whatever you are teaching still relevant and effective? Have the contents changed with time? Successful trainers keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in their industry. A good guide is to spend at least one-fifth of your work time reading up and researching. Go also beyond your subject matter or industry. Many innovations are simply ideas acquired from other industries. The book, Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, gives many great examples. An easy and fun way is to attend workshops where you get to learn from trainers with diverse backgrounds. Remember, being one of the best in the subject matter will keep the doors of training opportunities wide open.

Engagement is Key
Second, be excellent in connecting with people. Good knowledge can be acquired through mere reading. The difference training makes is that a good trainer enables the knowledge to go in faster and deeper. Even a disinterested participant can become an enthusiast in the hands of a seasoned trainer. Skilful use of body language, choice of words and illustrations are keys to making strong connection. Making connection involves the heart. While conducting a presentation assessment in Tokyo for a class of cardiologists who speak in international seminars, I “operated” their hearts at one point by challenging them with this question, “Your surgical equipments can reach people’s heart, but can your words also touch their heart?”. Aspire to be a trainer who connects well and soon you will realise that you are invited back or referred repeatedly.

May you keep growing as a successful trainer as you keep learning and practising.

Contributed by David Lee

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