Tue, Jan 23, 2018

Emerging Stronger through Tough Times

Do tough times make you a victim or victor?

I recall a particularly long coaching session. The man in his mid-forties shared how he was suddenly retrenched from his top executive position after serving the company for two decades. The months that followed were something that he never wanted to experience again. The good thing was that he climbed out of the victim mode and re-lived. No one needs to remain a victim of the tough times. In fact, you can ultimately be a victor. I am fortunate and thankful to hear of stories of how people have significantly regained their health, strengthened family ties and become happier because of the crisis. Here are 3 “Re”s to make victors out of the recession.

Bad times hit the pocket badly. We become upset because we cannot have the lifestyle we want – but did not many lose their health along the way? We become angry because we work hard for the family – but did not many lose their ties along the way? So it’s a good time to re-prioritise and improve your health and family bond. The returns are immeasurable!

Bad times dent the ego should retrenchment take place. People who cannot overcome the “rejection” have depended too much on the company for their self worth. When positions are taken away, what is left of you? It’s a good time to re-frame who we really are and what our worth is based on. A good spouse? A loving parent? A strong leader? A dear friend? Perhaps it’s time to live for your personal (not just corporate) mission.

Reaching the last point, you must be equipped in order to start living your new priorities and mission to the fullest. Enjoy the journey of personal development because without growth, there is no life.

Choose to be a victor. Share this with people who may benefit from it. Let’s emerge stronger as individuals and as a nation through this tough times.

Contributed by David Lee

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