Tue, Jan 23, 2018



Influential Leadership MAX in May 2017

The next public run of Influential Leadership MAX will be taking place in May 2017.

For details of ILMax, see the e-brochure here.





More Affordable Tablets for MOE Schools

Every student owning a tablet for learning may soon become a reality. In schools, the unavailability of computer labs for booking will then be a thing of the past as classrooms will be the very place where e-learning takes place as well. After exploring for months, Luminaries Lab Pte Ltd and ASPT Singapore Pte Ltd, a local electronic company, signed an MOU sealing a partnership to make tablets more affordable to Ministry of Education (MOE) schools.

It all started when the limitation of assess to computers for students was brought up several times by educators. In 2010, Mr David Lee, Principal Trainer of Luminaries Lab, was invited by the MOE... READ MORE