Thu, Feb 22, 2018

Staff Development Roadmap

An organisation without a Staff Development Roadmap is no different from a tourist without a map. This isn’t really that bad if both are heading nowhere. But the reality is every company, government agency, NPO or association exists for a purpose. This in turn propels it towards a vision which simply means every entity is meant to grow and go somewhere. Hence without a map, the journey is expected to be frustrating, exhausting and disappointing.

Luminaries Lab loves helping organisations develop a Staff Development or Training Roadmap or strengthen their existing ones. We always start with the big picture (i.e. corporate level) in mind using the Seven Pillars of Successful Organisations. With the big rocks in place, the department and staff level development routes are progressively drawn out. The result? A robust and holistic growth manual that provides 3 areas of significant benefits.

#1 – Motivated Staff

  • With assurance of training provided, confidence is instilled in staff and changes are embraced with less resistance
  • With clear career progression opportunities, staff are motivated to perform their best
  • With a planned out schedule, training is no longer viewed as ad-hoc activities to tackle staff problems

#2 – Savings

  • Eliminate the problem of sending the employees to similar trainings they have attended before
  • Achieve economy of scale for topics that are useful across different departments or divisions
  • Seamless progression and continuity without excessive training/ learning needs analysis and contents overlap between trainings

#3 – Performance and Productivity

  • Just in time training leading to minimum performance gaps or overkill in training
  • Effective interpersonal and inter-department communications arising from having gone though the same well engineered training system
  • Optimised sets of Attitude, Skills and Knowledge (ASK) for every phase

After a Staff Development Roadmap is in place, training or learning needs analysis is carried out to customise the training contents, methodology and compositions by taking into account the organisation’s model, culture and climate.

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Roadmap Consultancy Info

Fee: $500-$800
Duration: Up to 120 min

  • Clients will be given a set of questions for preparation.
  • A set of recommended staff development framework will be given after the consultation.
  • The consultation fee may be waived upon confirmation of training projects above $10,000 excluding third party costs within seven days upon provision of the recommended framework.