Thu, Feb 22, 2018

Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) Grant

By having Luminaries Lab as your external training provider, you are rewarded far beyond what you are investing. The Singapore government is highly commended for its strong commitment in helping businesses by the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme since 2010. For the latest info, click here

There are criteria, such as employees head count and expenditure, set out by the government which companies must satisfy in order to be eligible for the PIC claims. In addition, due to the options for tax deduction/ allowance and/ or cash payout, companies ought to know how to choose the best option or a combination of options to maximise their claims. Our consultancy helps you understand these matters relating to your training expenditure with us.

Due to the attractiveness of the claims, some companies may be tempted to file fake claims. These are serious offences which lead to heavy fines and imprisonment. The key objective of the PIC scheme is to promote real activities that lead to higher productivity and more innovation. We do not entertain requests for consultancy where the intent is to defraud the government.

Our PIC consultancy allows you to know what training packages are available to best serve your staff development objectives as well as maximise your PIC claims.

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PIC Consultancy Info

Fee: $300
Duration: Up to 45 min

  • The client will be given a set of preparatory work in advance in order to save time from info gathering during the actual session.
  • The consultation fee may be waived upon confirmation of training projects above $5,000 excluding third party costs within seven days from the consultation session.