Tue, Jan 23, 2018

Learning Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) or what is now preferably known as Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) is at the core of Luminaries Lab’s success in training. In fact, it is one of the three principles that define our philosophy.

There are a thousand and one configurations of organisation models, cultures and climates out there. This explains why many off-the-shelves training programmes produce poor or unsustainable results even though in itself, they can be a good programme. The reason is because standalone programmes often do not readily fit in seamlessly with organisations of different colours and sizes. Here are some common examples where the training yields poor result and, at times, even backfires:

  • Implementing 1-1 mentoring system in organisations that have matrix reporting structure i.e. the staff reports to more than one superior who are from different departments or sections.
  • Embarking on 360-degree feedback appraisal system in conservative cultures where protocols are expected and rank distinctions are high.
  • Organising teambuilding activities without first having the vision, mission and core values in place.
  • Sending a department suffering from poor morale for skills training.
  • Conducting B to C sales training for staff who are taking care of B to B sales.

There is simply no shortcut when it comes to planning for training. Every training must take into account the organisation model, culture and climate. Upon understanding the existing conditions such as team dynamics, skill levels, morale, performance and issues, Luminaries Lab next ascertains the specific desired outcomes. With these information in place, the gaps are measured and the corresponding training contents and methodology are recommended.

A training company without consultancy as one of its core competencies is severely impaired in its ability to deliver real value in training. Call us a doctor, psychologist or coach for organisations, our goals are the same – healthy and stronger individuals, teams and organisations.

For this reason, for every confirmed training booking, Luminaries Lab always insists on a LNA. It has worked so well that we no longer provide training proposals upon requests unless the training reservations are confirmed and the TNA are first carried out. For taking the narrow way, Luminaries Lab has earned the reputation of being an essential staff development plug-in for top organisations. A plug-in essentially enhances existing systems appropriately. It is outsourcing at its best.

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LNA / TNA Consultancy Info

Fee: $350-$500
Duration: Up to 90 min

  • Clients will be given a set of questions for preparation.
  • A written set of recommended training programme including topics and methodology will be given after the consultation.
  • The LNA consultation fee may be waived upon confirmation of training projects above $2,000 excluding third party costs within seven days upon provision of the recommended training programme.