Tue, Jan 23, 2018

More Affordable Tablets for MOE Schools

Mr David Lee, Director of Luminaries Lab Pte Ltd, with Mr Philip Chua, Managing Director of ASPT, inked MOU to support MOE schools.

Every student owning a tablet for learning may soon become a reality. In schools, the unavailability of computer labs for booking will then be a thing of the past as classrooms will be the very place where e-learning takes place as well. After exploring for months, Luminaries Lab Pte Ltd and ASPT Singapore Pte Ltd, a local electronic company, signed an MOU sealing a partnership to make tablets more affordable to Ministry of Education (MOE) schools.

It all started when the limitation of assess to computers for students was brought up several times by educators. In 2010, Mr David Lee, Principal Trainer of Luminaries Lab, was invited by the MOE to conduct training for Education and Career Guidance (ECG) key personnel. He has since trained educators in charge of ECG from over 200 schools at every level – Primary, Secondary, JC/CI and Mixed Level schools. Part of the programme involved using a career portal, www.ecareers.sg, where students are encouraged to build their career e-portfolio. According to Mr Lee, the portal is an excellent initiative by the MOE. However among the feedback given, the lack of computer access came out frequently. In order to have a short lesson on the portal, a booking of the computer lab is required. In his opinion, these administrative and physical access elements can influence the success of the e-portfolio initiative. If every student has his or her own laptop, the portal lessons can be carried out at ease in their classrooms. Not only that, other lessons apart from ECG can also tap on the e-platform more frequently. However laptops are not at an affordable price for all students.

In the recent years, tablets on Android and iOS have become a substitute for many people. When Mr David Lee chanced upon a local company, ASPT Singapore, producing IDA approved tablets, he asked if the company would be kind enough to bring prices to affordable levels so as to facilitate e-learning for students. After much consideration, the Managing Director of ASPT, Mr Philip Chua agreed to this social cause. They signed the MOU in February 2014 and will start making the tablets available to MOE schools from March.

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