Thu, Feb 22, 2018

Executive Coaching

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22 NIV

Stories of wars fill the history books when kings are guided by advisors. Today we have kings in the form of bosses in every organisation still waging wars, just not with swords and fire. The biggest lesson leaders can learn from history is the importance of having advisors. The advisor is not above the king but his wisdom, understanding and knowledge serve as very vital inputs for the king who is often overwhelmed by the extreme workload and emotions. Today, bosses are still facing very high pressures and yet many are without advisors. The board or executive committee members often have their own agenda but the executive coach, as we term the advisor today, seek the same objectives as the client who may be the Chief Executive (or other C-level leader), Executive Director, Managing Director, General Manager or President.

The uncountable hours we have spent on coaching leaders at one to one level have seen breakthroughs, innovations, new initiatives and most importantly happier individuals and organisations.

Unlike many executive coaches, Luminaries Lab supports our clients at both the organisation and individual levels.

Organisation Level
Our strength lies in that we are well versed in organisation development in different industries and settings as we are in the business of training and consultancy. We utilise key tools such as the Seven Pillars of Successful Organisations and Stakeholder Based Model to provide our clients with wider and deeper perspectives. By tapping on our one to one coaching, you are tapping on valuable resources, lessons and insights we have gathered while working with a long list of clients and partners. The only thing we do not reveal is their identity just as we will not share yours.

Individual level
The most important aspect of our coaching is to be able to understand the uniqueness of each client and advise accordingly. We are mindful of the Serenity Prayer. Our role is not to impose, but propose. Our mission is to liberate, not negate. The key tools we use include the Life’s 6 Dimensions, DISC Personality Profiling and Balance Driven Life. Coaching is one of the most privileged work we enjoy as in the midst of helping individuals attain their desired goals and fulfilment, we gain new close friends along the way.

You can have victory in the wars you are encountering, and in a shorter time. All you need is an advisor. Start a relationship with us today.

Executive Coaching Info

Key Frameworks

  • Life’s 6 Dimensions
  • DISC Personality Profiling
  • Balance Driven Life
  • Stakeholder Based Model

Fee: $500-$1200 per session

Duration: Up to 90 min


  • The client will be given a set of preparatory work in advance in order to save time from info gathering during the actual session.
  • The most recommended schedule is 1-2 sessions per month for half a year and thereafter 1 session in every 2 months.